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- By Soraya Bittencourt (diabetic Type 1, pump user, with hypertension and weight problems) and Inc. CEO

Most diets do not work because they make you dramatically change the way you eat. They force you to change your habits, and over time this approach does not work. We believe at that when you know how the nutrients of the foods you like to eat affect your health, and have the right tools to use, you will be able to better control your eating habits without changing them dramatically. tools make it easier for you to learn how to eat and continue to have the same variety of choices you always had. We believe that learning how your body reacts to food, exercise and medication is essential to help you live a balanced life. We also believe that you do not need to dramatically change your habits. You can slowly adjust them, to prevent and avoid health complications.

is a way to live a healthy and balanced life.

Many of our users who were diagnosed with diabetes, pre-diabetes, hypertension and obesity have the same concerns: "What foods have to be avoided?"

In the past, when no one knew about carbohydrate counting and there were no tools to tell us the nutrients in the foods we eat, the concept of avoiding foods was the right one. Of course, the down side of that concept is that it makes you totally change the way you eat. The end result: you end up eating the exact same foods over and over again to maintain control of your health. If at any point you get tired of those foods and decide to try something else, you lose control and BAM you go off your diet, you get the weight back again and so on... That happens because you really do not know what is in the foods you eat.

That is why exists:

  • to give you ways to find nutrients in any food you eat
  • to help you adjust portions, so you can still eat some of the foods you crave but in the right amounts
  • to show you how much you are burning when you exercise
  • to help you track your sugars, weight, pressure and more
  • to give you information that helps you in your daily life
  • to share this information with your healthcare provider with our reports
  • How can you achieve that?

    The universal rule to lose weight is still the same as it always was: burn more calories than you eat and you lose weight. No matter if you currently have a disease or not, the best way to control your health is by controlling your calorie intake and burn out.

    In addition, for people who are diagnosed with diabetes and pre-diabetes, besides calories, controlling carbohydrate intake is key. For those diagnosed with hypertension, besides calories, controlling your fat intake is key. And for those like me that have diabetes, hypertension and overweight issues, controlling calories, carbs, fat and insulin is essential.

    is the only service that allows you to use meal plans as guidelines. Our meal plans were not made to be followed rigidly, tying you with foods you do not like. We know this approach does not work on the long run. Our balanced and healthy plans were built for you to use as a guide. This way you can see how the nutrients are split between meals and the general composition of the plan. But then, you can modify those plans to match your taste and your specific needs.

    There are two ways of using services:

    Planning and then tracking your foods, exercises and medication, or just tracking your information and saving them in custom plans to be reused.

    When you have plans in place, tracking your habits is just one click on the mouse. When you need to enter individual foods and exercises every day it gets harder to do it and you will certainly give it up after a while.

    That is why creating custom plans for you is so important. Because it makes it easier for you to track what you eat daily and create very good reports for you and for your healthcare provider.

    Step by step tutorials are available at . So you can learn every button and every feature we offer. It took us a while to build them so please watch. It will help you.

    And please, any time you do not like a feature, wants to add a new one, need to ask a question to a registered dietitian, want to hire a certified registered dietitian or personal trainer, or whatever your planning, tracking and reporting needs are that we are not fulfilling, let us know.

    Remember, we are here for you.

    Adapter by Editorial Staff, February 17, 2006
    Last update, July 2008


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