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  • Track your meals, exercises and medical information
  • Access a large database of foods including recipes, ethnic foods and fast food chains
  • Calculate exercise duration to burn excess calories
  • Monitor your health on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis
  • Upload data directly from your glucometer
  • Monitor the effect that foods and exercises have on your health
  • Your information is 100% private and secure

  • Work with your dietitian, nutritionist, educator or personal trainer online in real-time!
  • 1000's of pre-built meal plans for you to use!
  • Follow any diet you want using our personalization features
  • Customize your meal plans so you can easily track your intake while eating what you like
  • Create shopping lists
  • Get nutritional facts on your recipes calculated for you
  • View and print detailed reports in table or multiple graphic formats. Reports include blood glucose, blood pressure, pump entries, weight, height, caloric intake and expenditure

Are you a Dietitian, Educator or Professional?

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